30 Jul 16

A small biotech to prioritize with a strong focus on optimized resourcing, we are always interested. Based on the first interim analysis of the secondary endpoints, which is confidential at this stage, we decided to focus in the first instance to AD02. Phase. Phase II trial will as possible, hopefully as possible, hopefully early next year .. AFFiRiS AG today announced that Alzheimer ‘s vaccine candidate AD02 AFFITOPE undergo immediate tests for potential efficacy in a phase II study. This means that the company will focus its diversified development program for Alzheimer’s vaccines earlier than originally planned.

About AFFiRiS :Based on proprietary patent positions AFFiRiS has developed tailor-made peptide vaccines for Alzheimer ‘s, Parkinson’s and four other diseases characterized by urgent medical needs and attractive market volumes. Alzheimer’s is the current lead indication and clinical Phase I studies have been completed on only two product candidates. AFFiRiS succeeded in attracts GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals as its licensing partner in October 2008. The contract includes provisions for payments of up to EUR 430 million.The researchers looked at 156,271 Roux-en – Y gastric bypass cases between various 2005 and 2007 conducted nationwide including 115,177 patients, laparoscopy and 41st which than as an open operation.

In addition, the patients who had to which minimally invasive method been faster hospital stays detected. – The authors cite current research in noting that ‘that mortality rate and other complications are of potentially serious risks associated with having obesity surgery and vice versa with the proportion of cases done by the surgeon correlating. ‘ They add: ‘The determined Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in that bariatric procedures should only be used high-volume means that have been certified by either the American College of Surgeons or of the American Society for Metabolie and Bariatric Surgery / Surgery Review Corp. Than as a Bariatric Surgery centers of Excellence. ‘.. Were lower at the hospital complication experience by laparoscopic patients in 15 out of 18 categories a complication, including cardiac arrhythmia, sepsis, and the need to for blood transfusion, the study reports.