25 Dec 16

* About 40 percent were overweight or obese before they became pregnant.* one in eight women smoking reported during the three months before pregnancy, only half of these women stopped smoking during pregnancy, 44 smoke. According to a separate survey, 16 percent of New York. City women 18 years old, many women can smoke or alcohol during the first trimester of pregnancy, before they know they are pregnant, but during the critical period for fetal development.

In the past three years, Brownsville and Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn who, along with the eastern Jamaica in Queens, had higher infant death rates than any other neighborhood. For a complete list of prices by neighborhood is available online at.. Per 1,000 births in New York CityInfant mortality also varies greatly from one part of town to another, with low-income areas suffer the highest rates. The highest rate was in the Bronx . Brooklyn was on par with the city average, while Queens, Manhattan and Staten Iceland better than the city as a whole.’African-American women report in public housing communities from one the prevalence of smoking from 40 per cent, with a two-thirds of households with a at least one smoker in the apartment, ‘she says. Estimated that at 40-60 % of African-Americans in public housing flue, 20-22 % compared in the general population, she says.