27 Jan 17

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Avraham The results, published this month in the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, show the scientists an important factor that could cause deafness. To to relieve possible ways to deafness, even in people where the hearing loss has no genetic basis such as after a serious injury to the ear Their recent study examined mouse and zebrafish, but the model holds true for all vertebrates. Including man, she tells in separate studies in the UK and Spain, have mutations in a single microRNA just reported. Cause deafness in humans and mice, showing the importance of microRNAs in the inner ear.. Understanding of the the hard of hearingProf.Of the body examined why stroke sources vision issues.

Founded in 2003, QBI has treating the understanding of the molecular underpinnings of brain function and which applying this knowledge to the development of new therapeutics about cerebral and mental health disorders dedicated to.

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