23 Dec 16

The whooper swan locations are updated twice a week on a project website, also help to to the data in Google Earth format. Monitors a comprehensive database of information on international wild bird avian influenza and migratory activity is on the WCS website at priligynorge.com .

Recommendations of the FAO – OIE International Scientific Conference on Avian Influenza and Wild Birds in Rome include improving our understanding of wild bird behavior, precise migratory strategies, locations of aggregation and convergence , and interactions between wildlife and domestic species. The whooper swan project in Mongolia shows the importance that FAO places on understanding the relationship between agriculture, wildlife and human health, Newman said. The USGS serves the nation by reliable scientific information: describe and understand the Earth, minimize loss of life and property from natural disasters, manage water, biological, energy and mineral resources, and enhance and protect our quality of life.


The matter was dealt with on Assistant Attorney General Tom O’Brien and Division Chief Quentin Palfrey of the Attorney General Coakley The Health Care Division.