9 Sep 15

The key to the further spreading is the invasion protein internalin B , which is located on the bacterial surface. , activated, activated B internalin one receptor molecule called Met host cell host cell for receiving signals of the pathogen. Of the host cell used Listeria nutrients and is somehow protected from an immune response.. Spoiled meat is one of the sources for Listeria infection with listeria. Pregnant women, newborns and immuno-compromised people are susceptible to a severe progression of this disease.

So far, the researchers did not know how the bacterial invasion protein activates the human receptor. This question this question, the structural biologists from the HZI first analyzed the crystal structures of the various internalin B molecule and its complex of human Met In X – Ray structure analysis we noticed that in protein crystals two internalin B molecules characteristic aligned, says Hartmut Niemann, assistant professor at the University of Bielefeld. .In substances which diagnostic test to ovarian cancer.

In an advance towards future development of urgently needed early diagnostic test to ovarian cancer, scientists minimum of 15 biomarker for the disease which Unidentified in the cancer patients, but is missing in healthy individuals. Carlito B. Lebrilla and colleagues at the University of California, Davis describes the discovery on a report for on the 7th July issue of the ACS Journal of Proteome Research plan.