6 Jul 15

In 2006 that all countries pneumococcal conjugate vaccines high in their national immunization programs, particularly in countries where child mortality is are recommended. A criterion met by 65 developing countries, the wHO recommendation guides country policy on the prioritization measures for measures for childhood pneumococcal disease.

Advance prevention for the children of the world, and we are proud of him, the efforts of the WHO lead to ensure that life-saving vaccines reach those most in need, ‘said WHO Assistant Director-General Daisy Mafubelu.. In the course of a 25-year career that, at Christian Medical College in Tamil Nadu, Cherian Cherian as the coordinator of the Expanded Programme on Immunization began when the World Health Organization significant contributions significant contributions to the fight against pneumonia and pneumococcal disease. His work includes evaluating their accelerate the development of pneumococcal vaccines, evaluating their efficacy against pneumonia, and informing the development of the WHO protocols. Today guide treatment of pneumonia and other respiratory infections in community settings around the world In 2009, Dr.Autistic and periodic genetic deletion linkedlosing from a small part of chromosome 16, are known as 16p11.2 will be much with autism report researchers on the University of Chicago Medical Center, of University of Illinois in in Chicago, and said Roswell Park linked Cancer Institute in the a recently published article, published online from the magazine Human Molecular Genetics. – While these genetic microdeletion to four from 712 patients with autism occurs, is the second most frequent periodic genome interference with autism who linked example an influence of 160 children the United States. We suspect that 16p11.2 microdeletion is a risk factor for autism Spectrum Disorder usually and may result mild autism in families, author of the study Susan Christian, associate professor of human genetics from the University on in Chicago said.