29 Oct 15

Officials should enforce Church stance on abortion, Rick Santorum writes in his opinion piece – ‘concern is about the world’s reaction ‘Although some Catholic bishops of the Catholic officials to take strong action against abortion – rights supporters, such officials should be praised as ‘uncompromising defender of the faith ‘, columnist and former Senator Rick Santorum wrote in a Philadelphia Inquirer opinion piece penial dysfunktion . Santorum Santorum, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – a Catholic who supports abortion rights – met with Pope Benedict XVI last week, ‘the pope used to visit a confused Pelosi about the Roman Catholic Church long held position held position on the life issue. ‘He continues that the Pope not think any photos of the event, which enforced the point that ‘[t] issenting Catholic politicians who targeted core teachings to mislead others about the Church not another chance another chance to be ‘by. In a photo with the Pope Santorum writes, He continues:stated in a television interview last year that the church in a position in a position, when life begins. ‘He continues: ‘Unfortunately, the church hierarchy has been less assertive when public figures ‘ policy positions openly dissent from the core teachings. ‘.

After Santorum, dozens of people have reportedly protested leave the church leave of the church because the officers like Martino against the action against the abortion – rights supporter , he :: in the end, however, so that people of the church because of a bishop, who are his teachings a blessing in comparison with the alternative uses: people leave because bishops and priests bishops and priests, much less enforce because these teachings (Santorum, Philadelphia Inquirer.

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