18 Feb 16

Most people with coronary heart disease have no symptoms and about 300,000 per year. Their first presentation of CHD as either a heart attack or sudden death Nevertheless, there are no generally accepted detection assay for the presence of CHD, since it. For breast cancer or colon cancer faCTor64 is a pioneering study to asymptomatic diabetic asymptomatic diabetic population at higher risk for CHD with a revolutionary modality, cardiac CT angiography.. It is estimated that about 16 million Americans have coronary artery disease , of which 500,000 die annually have.

‘We believe that results of the results of faCTor64 improve the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes patients who are more likely to develop CHD. ‘Said Toshihiro Rifu, senior fellow, Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation,’This study provides the best possible information optimal information to patient management and measure clinical outcomes. ‘.The authors pointed out that this the first time He went in that the long-term societal benefits from aggressive treatment is craniocerebral injuries been. Although initially targeted aggressive treatment is may seem more expensive a routine maintenance and comforts, the course of time improve of patient care outcome of a shift in the equilibrium and proves to his aggressive management paradigms of as the cheapest of three different treatment groups. Comfortable nursing, on the other hand, order poor outcomes and high costs. An aggressive treatment used only after an aggressive treatment has failed or is test show that it will not succeed. Speaking study mentioned Whitmore to its initial a surprise that himself a 80 – year-old patient, higher investment cost of aggressive TBI[ traumatic brain injury] management still be cost – effective if utility the aggressive treatment is into account in.