10 Feb 16

In addition to the historic value, the research may provide a better understanding of the cocktail of underlying factors possibly potentially severe and deadly influenza pandemics that occurred in the past, and may still be threaten us in the future.

I have asthma, which landed me in intensive care for a week during my pregnancy, the time comes, son who is 2 years old . – ‘To afford COBRA payments, I said to my husband to undress me, because it would be $ 800 instead of $ 1,600 per month, he said no, because of the ICU, which in 2005, and we can not from our son. Because he has to baby – exams. And we absolutely can not my husband as if something had happened to it catastrophic. Do we pay? non our COBRA payments or house payments? What if the time comes, our insurance covers on his heart transplant, ‘.. ‘Two house payments? I am scared to death. My husband has transposition of the great arteries, a congenital heart defect. He is in good health , but all of his doctors concluded that it is only a matter of time before he needs a heart transplant.The majority of new cases of polio be found in Hudaidah Region of, the the Red Sea Riviera. The virus is assumed to gone into Yemen in West Sudanese Sudan. The virus of Yemen has the same strain of currently in circulation to Sudanese.

On the completion the 3 – days campaign the Ministry of health care walk for a national Material on his call for the parents, can poliovirus has droplets misses to their children to fixed health care centers, to Gearing up for affirming a sustainable routinely vaccination programs.