18 Feb 15

While previous studies from researchers at MGH and elsewhere an increased risk for substance abuse in adolescents and young adults with ADHD have any questions whether increased certain aspects of ADHD such as impulsive behavior, cognitive problems, problems at school, associated conditions such as bipolar disorder or behavioral disorder, or family factors were actually responsible for the risk. A clearer picture a clearer picture of the causes of the increased risk, the researchers analyzed data from two previous studies – one boy, one girl – this is the prevalence of a wide range of psychiatric and behavioral disorders in participants with ADHD children children analyzed. naltrexone implants

Divided from these two studies, a decade of follow – up information was available for a total of 268 participants with ADHD and 220 control subjects, both groups equally by gender. Among the 32 % ADHD participants developed some type of substance abuse, including smoking, during the follow-up period, while only 25 % of the control participants had substance abuse problems. Factors such as gender, cognitive difficulties, mood disorders, problems with school or family history of drug abuse did not affect the risk. The only additional diagnosis an effect an effect was conduct disorder, which tripled the risk when combined with ADHD. – ‘Anyone with ADHD needs to be advised about the risk of drug abuse, especially if they have any delinquency,’explains Wilens. ‘We still why why some children to prevent the development of ADHD drug abuse and other not whether certain therapies substance problems and how best to treat young adults ADHD ADHD and substance abuse. ‘Wilens is an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

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