15 Oct 15

Cardiac Ultrasound imaging, also known as echocardiography has recently been new new imaging methods in question. However, echocardiography has unique characteristics that make them very attractive: it is cheap, can be done at the bedside and without ionizing radiation. Recently devices have also very small.

Handheld echocardiography, the method enables the role of the stethoscope in doctors similar to daily work. We may soon see cost-effectiveness – or in typical outpatient visits recording pocket size echocardiography machines and check if okay ok or if the heart has normal pumping capacity. Also identifying life-threatening cardiac problems in emergency environments could be done immediately. This exciting development course , an increase in demand for training of doctors.The great outcome measure was The primary graft dysfunction, , at 72 hours after the transplantation and secondary endpoints were 30 – day mortality, ICU and hospitalization and Long mechanical ventilation. The primary endpoint of was chosen because patients receiving have The primary graft dysfunction 72 hours of the transplants who more complications, higher organ rejection and mortality in.

The using this technique able significantly expand the donated organ pool and a improve the results after the transplant.. Been results of after 72 hours of showed that 15 percent of lungs having of the Toronto XVIVO system deals with Primary graft dysfunction have had, compared to 30 percent in the control group, high-risk Lung now certainly transplanted My Links Toronto XVIV0 averaging Perfusion System. Both categories of lung transplantation patients had similar findings their secondary endpoints, that 30 – day mortality, bronchial complications, duration of hospital stay and stays in the intensive care and mechanical ventilation.