5 Mar 16

About the International Treatment Preparedness CoalitionThe International Treatment Preparedness Coalition is a worldwide coalition of people living with HIV and lawyers who community-driven community-driven approach to achieve universal access to treatment, prevention, and all health services for people with HIV and at risk to achieve. ITPC the treatment monitoring and Advocacy Project will continue of the of the scale-up of AIDS treatment programs and the effects of the global economic crisis on AIDS treatment in countries throughout the world http://suhagrasildenafil.com .

In response to a new report by UNAIDS and the World Bank , which means that the global economic crisis has already disrupted AIDS treatment in eight countries and it is expected founderprograms in 21 countries found until the end of this effect years, activists from around the world called on all governments to ensure sustainable financing for HIV programs and put in place early warning systems, assign them to impending drug stock – outs and interruptions of treatment. – ‘Let’s completely clear on what this report say,’said Gregg Gonsalves, co-founder of ITPC. ‘The dying living with HIV / living with HIV / AIDS, receive receive treatment, in danger of losing their medication because of the cuts and funding shifts. Many of these people are. We can not let AIDS or match the current economic situation as an excuse to meet to meet for non – compliance with the obligations ‘.

disability Awareness Day is been starch, awareness of disability and promote the capabilities to the skillful people in the area. His gratitude for the Warrington Disability partnerships and event coordinator Dave Thompson MBE DL, said: Before a rearward base of business crisis, the welfare associations and undertakings we are is with of the answer we have obtained for this year’s event did affects astonishment. His gratitude for the hard work and commitment of management team, out our steward and assistants, to our exhibitors, visitors and the support of our sponsors that the event grow more every year warranty. We thank our colleagues at the NWDA and continued all our the other sponsors for their support. .

DAD being the most important event a one week concerts by disabilities activities, workshops on employment, carers support, learning disability, children and youth, mental health, Wheel Chair ability and more including.