3 Jun 16

This easier for us to obtain the CE mark for the infra scanner and allowed us to sign our first distributors in the UK, Spain, India and Africa. Completely.. INFRASCANe for the early detection of brain hemorrhage in Head Trauma Patients Receives CE MarkINFRASCAN, a medical device that it is specializes in brain injury diagnostic products, announced today that the CE mark, European marketing approval for the infrastructure scanners handheld receive brain hematoma detector. The CE marking indicates that the product European Union met health, safety and environment. INFRASCAN plans international sales launch this fall.

For more information visit.. An estimated 1.5 million people medical treatment for head trauma in the United States every year, and a total of 10 million people seek head trauma treatment annually worldwide. In addition to the initial application of infrared scanners to detect brain hematoma, the company will pursue future applications for the product, including the monitoring of stroke victims with the same NIR technology.* continually monitor the soldiers breathing and, if necessary, release a medication called naloxone, that are used order to deal the effect morphine is on breathing.

The University of Michigan scientists have a pilot scheme contribution of nearly $ 1,000 from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of nanoparticles test whether nanoparticles for a pressing issue in combat zones like in Iraq obtained Loosen: how to manage sustainable, reliable metering the most effective painkillers at wounded soldiers well before they achieve specialists medical aid.