6 Aug 16

Influenza activity begins to rise across the country as eighteen states are reported either widespread or regional activity. People who against influenza against influenza vaccine yet especially influenza will continue to circulate for several months. This year more than 80 million doses of vaccine have been distributed, but other supplies vary from state to state, so individuals can get to check with more than one supplier to the vaccine.

CDC also available 3.5 million doses from its stockpile to sell through manufacturers as soon as possible. Moreover, there are doses currently for sale by manufacturers and distributors.Testing of influenza isolates for resistance to antivirals will continue during the 2005-2006 influenza season and recommendations will be updatedas needed. In addition, CDC is with state and local health officials in the country throughout the country to monitor drug resistance in influenza viruses..They reported that neuronal progenitor cells which were derived from embryonic stem cells are functionally integrated in host cells brain tissue after transplantation. The therapeutic potential that is beyond epilepsy patients intensely discussed among the delegates from 80 countries.

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