14 Dec 16

The structural work is not only a step forward in the field of epigenetics, but also a step forward, as the science has been done. ‘By releasing the structural information in the public databases as soon as it was available, we have determined that other groups could make immediate and maximum benefit from the shared knowledge,’says Professor Dhe – Paganon.

Epigenetic code is a series of chemical switch that is added to our DNA to ensure that the cells in the body can form various types of tissue, such as liver and skin, in spite of identical DNA genetic codes.Is currently there is no vaccine from trachoma. Trachoma experts estimate that around 1.3 million people trachoma trachoma, 1.8 million people have visually impaired a result of disease, and estimated at 40 million people are actively trachoma. Trachoma is. Generally of direct personal contacts, joint towels and other cloths and flies that to spread with the eyes with the eyes or tab out of an infected person more than 1,2 million diseases are sexually transmitted infection, which can result in pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility in women, and trachoma. After the NIAID researchers results of this study could even perform the development a vaccine to sexually transmitted Chlamydia infections.

Spontaneous erased the infection is within 14 days no or with minimal signs of ocular disease The animals have been then another twice in order excavated in the weakened root four-to eight -week intervals, but the animals showed no signs of trachoma despite of an infected person trachoma trachoma trials are used because their immune response narrow predict the those of humans. The animals in the study were antibiotics antibiotic after termination of the attempts and all the a full recovery.