17 Sep 15

These preliminary observations suggest that the relative contributions of CoenzymeQ10 and Pycnogeno can greatly improve the health of the heart. .. The quality of life improves with Pycnogeno and CoQ10, as validated by the Karnofsky index, a performance scale that classified patients according to their functional impairment.7 %, described as aid and medical care are often required. No significant improvement in the Karnofsky index Distal the control group. The distal edema expressed as a %age of the initial volumetric value significantly to 72 % of patients treated but was % in the control % in the control group.

Divided patients into two groups: One group received capsules with a combination of 15 mg and 50 mg, the second group received CoQ10 Pycnogeno placebo capsules, while both groups continued to its individual prescription drugs. The treatment and control groups were equivalent at baseline. The patients were instructed to seven capsules, in the morning after breakfast, every day. Patient ‘s exercise capacity, judges , such as walking on a treadmill, ejection fraction and distal edema were evaluated.Approved by the United research Destinations about men viral the cancer causes at Women Study.

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