14 Oct 17

Colorectal cancers outcomes could be improved with regular genetic screening for Lynch syndrome Cleveland Clinic researchers have discovered that colorectal cancers outcomes could possibly be improved with regular genetic screening for Lynch syndrome, the most common hereditary, adult-onset cause of colorectal tumor, as published in the web version of the Journal of Clinical Oncology article . Lynch syndrome is the most common genetic cause of cancer of the colon in adults.

Red like many other definitions represents anger or hatred. This color is also thought to represent an energised spirit and an adventurous soul. When the band turns to red, stop and see whether you are feeling any emotions that are similar to this. Whenever you end up deep in focus or thought this could be learning for an exam, your band might change yellow. This shade represents the mental state you are in. Various other meanings can be that a person has an overpowering ego or a proud feeling about themselves. Green. Green is thought to represent a time of love and a period for healing. Green is also usually associated with a time of growth and a period of living.