28 Jun 15

Richard Ralston, Wall Street Journal: There are many possible assess the safety assess the safety of new drugs, but these methods must not unnecessarily delay approval of drugs lives, lives, Ralston, CEO of Americans for Free Choice in medicine, wrote in a letter to the editor of the Journal. Ralston writes that independent laboratories can probably do this better than a monolithic federal bureaucracy such as FDA (Ralston, Wall Street Journal.

Decision also said that as a prudential matter, he in certain in certain FDA issues related to NCI . After CQ HealthBeat, these questions the review of applications for drugs, medical devices or biologics provided by the NCI and FDA applications for which an NCI researcher served as principal investigator . Von Eschenbach also has a potential conflict of interest in connection with his position as vice chairman of the board of C-Change – a not-for-profit organization under the leadership of George HW and Barbara Bush, which includes officials from Bristol-Myers Squibb and Johnson & Johnson – for the Cancer Letter.. FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach said Friday that he take a leave of absence as director of the National Cancer Institute to address conflict-of-interest concerns, the Washington Post reports .###Additional highlights the 18 JNCI JNCI Contact: Susan Almost.

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Elizabethtown Barry, out of the Dartmouth Medical School in Lebanon, and colleagues studied the effects of ODC genotype of in the 973 patients with Aspirin / Folate cop Prevention Study who were randomly in order to received either placebo aspirin. She were followed for three years and see whether it develops colorectal adenomas, one type of adenoids. To variation in the G315A ODC gene has not associated with having colorectal adenomas incidence whole.