19 Feb 16

There are virtually no drawbacks to immunize school children, said Dr. Gregory Poland, director of the Mayo Vaccine Research Group in Rochester, these data are important Minn. Confirmatory data useful offer in designing health policy, Minn. Children are enormous amplifiers of flu, said King. Having a child is able to infect the family and the whole community more effective than an adult. By vaccinating children, we can protect the elderly.. Of the vicious circle, so to speak, would be a big step forward for public health.

Kids are biologically more infectious than adults and are infectious for a long time, according to experts.Families of children that the flu vaccine had fewer flu-like symptoms, physicians visits rarely came, and used less medication than families whose child do not get the flu vaccine, researchers say.For the new findings the new results, as isolate this different mosquito types reproductively himself and manage, manage the genetic diversity, though some, including the ‘M ‘and ‘southeast ‘constitutes found in Burkina Faso, to article the ongoing study have see travel together in traveling together in to the same shoals.

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