27 Feb 16

In some cases, the substitution be beneficial or inconsequential, but in others – especially in the treatment of epilepsy, mental health and cardiovascular problems – it can go out less effective or dangers, particularly when without the knowledge of the consumer or prescribing physician performed. Without transparency, therapeutic substitution could effectiveness or safety issues, including unknown interactions with other drugs and may introduce serious health effects , it may cause confusion or fear on the part of the patients ‘ feeling of failure feeling of failure of a health system frustrated, said Greenberg.

Is a major task. In addition to finding the genetic culprit, there is still the problem of figuring out how the gene increases the risk high blood pressure. Is it easy to improve or by poor diet, or would the gene alone cause hypertension even in a person who exercises regularly?The report also states to which expiry of patent protection from multiple agents in the breast cancer Marketplace is the main obstacle to growth.