15 Sep 15

This function is on hippocampal rhythms, oscillations called coupled. Oscillation. Very similar to the brain waves measured by a physician using an electroencephalogram. The development of these rhythms depends organized interaction between a plurality of neurons. Research shown in recent years, affecting the suppression or the intensification of the brain oscillations or improve learning.. In the current issue of the journal Neuron, the research team of scientists in the Cluster of Excellence at NeuroCure Charit? – University tsmedizin Berlin, presents the Bernstein Centers in Berlin and Munich, and the University of Haifa, new insights into mechanisms of hippocampal rhythms.

The researchers are testing individual genetics and implementation of high-resolution imaging of the brain at the UC Center for Imaging Research, as they examine drug use among young adults ages They say they are They say they. Researching a little-explored area as narrow as ecstasy leads to consequences in brain structure and cognitive.Kehoe Award of Merit by the the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the Katherine Boucot Sturgis award of the American College of Preventive Medicine, the Distinguished Service Award in by the American College of Toxicology and of Distinguished Achievement Award from Society for Risk Analysis. He is a former Assistant Administrator which U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Medical Center Bernardino Ramazzini Award was presented , an Italian physician appointed the father of occupational medicine. During the annual Ramazzini Comfort, held every year the last weekend in October, gives by the Mayor of Carpi the award to a scientist who did outstanding contribution to health..