25 Apr 15

– While PIB-PET for research purposes only, due to its limited ‘half life ‘, or the amount of time, Approximately 4.5 to fall for the radioactive signal of the ,, other amyloid contrast agent is designed for commercial use. Rabinovici Rabinovici uses the technology ‘guesses’in cognitively normal individuals to the effective and safe anti-amyloid therapies are available and the benefits of preventive treatment proven in clinical trials.. PIB-PET comprises injecting a tracer material as Pittsburgh compound B into the brain through the bloodstream known, and imaging the brain with positron emission tomography .

‘ Amyloid deposits appear to reach a plateau early in the disease course, when patients experience very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, says Rabinovici, a recipient of new investigator awards from the Alzheimer’s Association and the National Institute on Aging. To be developed at that time, patients the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease clinical decline and changes in the brain occurring independently of further amyloid accumulation. This indicates that since the start of the treatment too late, and that amyloid-based therapies are most to to work very early in the disease process. .. Our study of PIB PET studies, which in cross section and in the longitudinal direction on humans showed with normal cognitive performance, mild cognitive impairment and full Alzheimer considered that amyloid deposits significant proportion of significant proportion of cognitively normal may be older adults, and that their presence with Alzheimer’s-like brain atrophy and changes associated in brain activity, says coauthor Gil Rabinovici, assistant professor of neurology in the UCSF Memory and aging Center.A comparative effectiveness inspection by research Tufts Medical Center Evidence-based Practice Centre was carried out of AHRQ efficient Healthcare Care Program.

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