10 May 16

75 percent of the 3,963 identifiable suicide bombing victims were men, 11 percent women and 14 percent children lepharmaciengiphar.com/les-commentaires.html . Children accounted for a higher proportion of demographically identifiable deaths suicide attacks suicide attacks in comparison to the general armed violence . For women, the kill kill ratio for all suicide bombings a bit higher than for men, but for children, the ratio was lower than in women and men, revealing lower survival rate of children from suicide attacks.

Now, the BMJ published additional revelations relating to the investigation so no residual credibility Wakefield and his co – authors say that they found a novel inflammatory bowel disease associated with the MMR vaccine. No evidence of such an illness has been made in the research available and almost all normal findings were embellished in the journal Lancet paper, according to experts after examining unpublished raw data has the excuse British Medical Journal in view of Wakefield.


Clinical studies have already showed that an MIT robotic quickly helping stroke patient movement again. Now is MIT pioneers of robotic therapeutic hope a robot Health Club full equipment directed on different parts will greatly improve will significantly improve stroke patients ‘ movement to his arms, up Wrist, legs and ankles.

To the past seven years , the two gentlemen and a positive results from six clinical trials have with of almost 300 stroke patient reporting Every attempt approached variety matters, such the short-and long-term benefits of the therapy. – In MIT – Manu treatment, a person makes at the same table a lower arm and your wrist clamp at the bracket on the arm of the robot. A video screen, the person. An arm exercise such the compound of points or drawing of the implementation Hands on a clock In If the movement does not occur, MIT – Manu moves the person’s arm In If to person starts to to move in its own, MIT movement. Of the robot adjustable levels of the management and support provides the person the person arm movement.