13 Sep 17

Chronic users NSAIDs have greater risk of bleeding and visible damage to their small intestine According to a study published today in the American Gastroenterological Association journal Medical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, chronic users of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines have an elevated threat of bleeding and visible damage to their little intestine. We have often known that NSAIDs can cause potentially deadly tummy complications, but the extent of the effect on the small intestine was largely unknown until now, stated David Graham, MD, lead study writer. The introduction of video capsule endoscopy offered us a chance to examine the small intestine and learn that NSAIDs can cause severe harm to this organ body chemical .

Previous published research have got demonstrated that the Chronix approach can identify the presence or absence of energetic disease in multiple sclerosis individuals and that it could accurately detect early stage breasts malignancy with high diagnostic sensitivity and specificity. Commercial applications for veterinary use are already in development in conjunction with the University of Calgary, including lab tests for the early detection of BSE, or mad cow disease. Dr. Urnovitz added, ‘With these encouraging findings, we are launching a ‘For Investigative Use Only’ testing services that for the first time will enable cancer researchers to monitor the position of patients in their scientific trials with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity, accelerating clinical trials and increasing their chances for success potentially.’ Patient data collected out of this new service for clinical researchers along with extra planned clinical studies are expected to expand the database needed to obtain regulatory acceptance for the use of Chronix assays in ongoing cancers patient care..