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Both drugs were found to effectively impair the tumor – forming abilities oncogenic EGFR CTD deletion mutants read more . Cetuximab, especially prolonged survival of mice with the deletion mutants to untreated to untreated control mice.

However, neither cetuximab or erlotinib is an unabashed success story. The drugs work by binding to sites on the EGFR protein and inhibiting the activation, but they are not effective in all cancer patients and produce some adverse side effects, such as skin rash and diarrhea.

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United at rectally microbicide research, financing of Rectal Microbicides: investment and Advocacy, International Rectal Microbicide workgroup: The report examines the condition of rectally microbicide research and develop, and the funding for this research. It will also provide a range of recommendations for the proponents and researcher. The report determines that was as $ 34000000 from 2000 to 2006 issued on rectal microbicide research, and 97.4 percent of the Funds were out of U.S. Public sector organizations as the NIH and CDC .