6 Mar 17

For treatmentian Scientists Report On Pain Research In NIDCR 60th Anniversary SymposiumAlmost everyone has experienced the acute, short-lived pain that occurs after a minor injury, but recent surveys show that more than 20 percent of the population has a chronic pain condition , and the treatment is often is not very effective . Acute and chronic pain have major socio-economic costs. For example, in addition to the personal suffering and reduced quality of life that experienced a chronic pain patient, is the economic burden (treatment costs, lost productivity to gastrointestinal tract . Than $ 80 billion / year in the U.S. And around $ 8 billion / year in Canada.

According to the study, were 32 161 32 161 patients without contrast agent, showed more than half of a change of at least 25 percent, and more than 2/ 5 showed a change of at least 0.4 milligrams per deciliter.

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