31 Jan 17

Cost effectivegy for disease diagnosis and biological research of Singapore scientists developsA novel electronic sensor array for more rapid, accurate and cost-effective testing of DNA for disease diagnosis and biological research by scientists in Singapore developed the Institute for . In a recent Journal of the American Chemical Society, IBN scientists reported that shown based on laboratory results, their Nanogap sensor array has ‘excellent ‘sensitivity in the detection of trace amounts of DNA http://tadalafilprix.com . ‘By saving time and reducing costs, our newly developed nano – gap sensor array a scalable and viable alternative for DNA testing offers,’said Zhiqiang Gao, group leader at IBN, the world’s first bioengineering and nanotechnology research institute.

The Nanogap sensor array has a unique, vertically aligned nanostructure design and a two – surface configuration based on electronic transduction. On the 5th with a pair of micro-enterprises metal electrodes separated by a nanogap .

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James McGuire made Harrow Weald of North London , whose two-year-old daughter, Sophie, neuroblastoma neuroblastoma at Great Ormond Street hospitals, said:’We are are delighted that Sophie are of the first children that might benefit from these have new treat. Basis on the positive results from the earlier trial, do I the treatment this treatment game a key role in saving Sophie’s life. We have an difficult time ahead us, but it is encouraging to know to Sophie will will receive immune therapy, studies at the forefront of neuroblastoma the treatment available to in the present world. ‘.