5 Jul 17

Bay Area Lyme Base announces Emerging Innovator Award for promising scientist in Lyme research The Bay Area Lyme Basis today announced the first annual Bay Area Lyme Basis 'Emerging Head Award' and a $100,000 grant which is directed at a promising scientist who embodies the continuing future of leadership in Lyme disease study. Applicants must be associated with an academic, industry or research organization http://revatio.biz/revatio-common-uses.html . ‘Our objective is to create Lyme disease easy to diagnose and easy to cure,’ highlights Bonnie Crater, vice president of Bay Region Lyme Foundation's Panel of Directors and the first choice of its study and science team. ‘We anticipate recognizing and assisting an up-and-arriving scientist whose function will accelerate medical breakthroughs because of this overlooked disease.’ Applications will be accepted from experts throughout the USA through February 15, 2014.