25 May 15

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If the infection has occurred during a previous hospital or nursing home stay, patients were to be admitted nearly seven times more likely to a blood clot Those that the infection was home were almost three times more likely to be hospitalized, a. Blood clots can be sent within 90 days. In hospitals,udy also found that other strong predictors of hospitalization for blood clots blood transfusions and medications prescribed to include the production of red blood cells , which are sometimes given to treat anemia stimulate. The risk of hospitalization for blood clots nine times after using this medication.


The experiments have been in C. Elegans, of a transparent threadworm their biochemical environment similar that of humans and whose genome , or full genetic sequence being implemented known to. The scientists picked up seven coincidental and not related proteins expression expressed in the same compartment in the cell mutant polyglutamic. Seven meta protein – each for the functions of muscle, the nerve or hypodermal cell – having a temperature sensitive mutation: the proteins are delicate at normal temperature, In If the temperature is elevated , the mutation is expressed. The series of findings to be at the DH ® on 2 In January.