4 Jan 16

Previous studies had suggested that the antibiotic azithromycin COPD exacerbations COPD exacerbations, but this study was the first of, a large number of COPD patients enroll and treat exacerbations with this drug for over a year, the participants had a history of exacerbations in the previous year and needed oxygen.. COPD is a progressive disease of the lungs, approximately 24 million about 24 million people affected in the U.S. And is the third leading cause of death in this country, many patients experience acute COPD disorders.

According to WHO, more than 100 million people infected annually with gonorrhea and . Dwindling treatment options, the world confronted Who is calling for greater vigilance on the correct use of antibiotics and further research into alternative methods of treatment for gonococcal infections. The agency also calls for increased surveillance and reporting of resistant strains and better prevention, diagnosis and control of gonococcal infections. A single dose treatment, in order the treatment of adhesion, it is important, as the treatment of partners. WHO also emphasizes education and prevention, with special emphasis on high-risk groups such as sex workers and sex with men sex with men.Investigator Get To Heart Of Tropical DiseaseA new study by revealed when they to a pathogen that causing a dreadful infection in the liver and exposed to the, that mice lacking a gene vital ill no for normal operation to the their immune system are Milz.

##Satoskar conducted the study with colleagues from the Ohio State, Montreal General Hospital at Montreal, and with at Harvard School of Public Health and at Harvard Medical School.