8 Nov 17

Argentina’s senate votes for dignified death law BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Argentina’s senate about Wednesday overwhelmingly accepted a dignified death legislation giving terminally ill patients and their own families more power to make end-of-life decisions. 92-year-old retired school teacher faces sentencing for offering helium suicide kits Jack Kevorkian dies, but physician-assisted suicide lives on Peter Goodwin dies at 83, aided by Death With Dignity Take action he championed Regulations exceeded by a vote of 55 to zero, with 17 senators declaring themselves absent www.malegra-fxt.com/ . It passed the lower house last year. Now Argentine family members won’t have to struggle to discover judges to purchase doctors to get rid of life-support for those who are dying or in a permanent vegetative state.

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The benefits of aronia berries Incredibly rich in antioxidants – The aronia berry is bursting with therefore many antioxidants that it’s almost inedible when natural because of its extreme sharpness. Certainly, the USDA offered the raw aronia berry an ORAC score of 15,280 umol per 100 grams, meaning that it contains almost three times as many antioxidants as the blackberry, acai berry pulp and blueberry and one-and-a-half times as much antioxidants as the cranberry and blackcurrant. Even when sweetened and converted to jams and spreads, aronia berries still contain more antioxidants – including essential flavonoids and anthocyanins – than any other superfruit.