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The results showed hot spots only in the images of malignant tumors but not in benign tumors . This complete separation was not the case with the standard MRI technique, and there was no difference in using mammography. Pathology results on these tumors confirmed the accuracy of the new MRI tests. – ‘While more research is needed, we believe shutter speed analyzed MRI could be a powerful tool for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and almost every other form of cancer, as well as many other illnesses become ‘ Springer says. ‘The shutter speed is a very general term and refers to many different MRI techniques. ‘We are fortunate to have recruited Dr.

A visual representation.The shutter concept allows researchers the mathematics of the computer program analyzing the signals to account for the movement of water molecules in and out of the cellular compartments in diseased and healthy tissue to adjust. If the MR shutter speed increases, this movement is slow. In case of tumors, using shutter analysis not only shows clearly the positions of tumors, but also enables researchers between malignant tumors and benign tumors distinguished.PAHO, established in 1902 and working with all countries the Americas to enhance the health and the quality of life their peoples. It also serves as the Regional Office for the Americas to the World Health Organization .

The estimate HIV infections in the U.S. In the year 2007 been the one hundred and sixtieth with which for 3, the total number of persons living with HIV in this region. Globally, half of new HIV infection be an estimated occurring of young people aged 15-24.