3 Sep 15

The research is an example of the kind of scientific discoveries that are possible when leading clinicians and basic scientists with diverse expertise together innovative solutions to innovative solutions to important clinical problems.

That is, for other microbiology professor John Roth and his postdoctoral fellow Peter Anderson ,, on a strain of Salmonella bacteria which was filmed to perfect for creating perfect for creating 14C – B12. – We have these bacteria turned into a micro machine for producing labeled B12, said Anderson. The strain it was so efficient that it uses all the labeled material was given , which made it to the, 14C – Vitamin B12. B12 is one of the most complex substances of nature. By leveraging the power of bacteria, we could create the test. .The Quigley Corporation assumes no guarantees that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are a regulatory or others out experimental new investigational new animal drugs number of and possible this link on NSS or machine vision will be marketed. Furthermore, no claim that the potential of medical discussed here be safe and effective, or approved by that Food and Drug Administration.