16 Nov 16

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Earlier this year ready for the return of the West Nile virus readyAs spring draws the mosquitoes, the West is getting ready for the return of the West Nile virus.The West Nile virus so far killed 564 people in the U.S. The majority of the country is probably safe, but the West is still vulnerable. Health officials are put into action their plans to fight all over the West.

The West Nile virus is carried by birds, which mosquitoes mosquitoes. Colorado was only the virus.The majority of the western budget budgets for mosquito control programs.In California, started work earlier than usual. Throughout the winter, flocks of sentinel chickens throughout the winter all winter. Earlier this year, the first case was found in a chicken in Ventura County .CMAJ News reports on an extraordinary meeting at the top, entitled ‘financial Global Health: Can Innovative Mechanisms Save the Poor? ‘ Ascending rates of chronic disease is ‘result of the import lifestyle from Western countries,’said Francis given, director of NIH. ‘The epidemic of obesity being unavoidable when policy for significantly reduced intake of fat and of sugar established to spontaneously rise of activity Buy now,’said Philip James, chairman of the International Obesity Task Force .

– Although delegates agree that there a despairing necessity of the Wallets of government, businesses and individuals to to markedly significantly global health Program, you were less enthusiastic with suggestions for a financial transaction and other forms of taxes.S. $ 33 billion each year. Will not be accepted According to Ganten, new tax in certain countries. The road be going to its otherwise in various countries, he said.. As the World Health Summit is Berlin wrote to continued that take place some Material about the talks.