19 Jul 15

Our News journalists report that additional information contact H. 1Medical Oncology Department, be obtained.cation and Research Hospital, Kayseri, Turkey can be obtained.

The thesis Novel Tumor Suppressor Gene Candidates in Experimental Endometrial Carcinoma – From Cytogenetic to Molecular Analysis was successful on 25 September 2009 defended.SPSS 16.0 Results Research Hospital DescribedFor more information on this research see: Treatment with bevacizumab therapy decreases mean platelet volume within patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. Clinical and Applied Thrombosis, 2012, 18 Sage Publications 5):546-8. .DAS181 effectively inhibits numerous strains of influenza and parainfluenza virus in culture and in animal models. In contrast to current antivirals and vaccines, Before that he worked human host receptor, no virus component and thus contributes less risk of resistance to presently available antiviral drugs. Large, a long -clinical studies has to develop the development a reasonable resistivity.. DAS181 a recombinant fusion protein, deactivated viral receptors on the cells of the human respiratory tract, thereby preventing flu and parainfluenza viruses infection the human body and out amplify of infected individuals.

The individual dosage escalation of Phase I studies been finished in December 2008 drafted to judge DAS181 safety to healthy subjects. To study drug was well tolerated in all doses. Respiratory tract novel broad-spectrum active substance candidate for the prevention and treatment of respiratory infections due to every variations of influenza including the types of the virus that can create a potential influenza pandemic. In addition, DAS181 and the potential to for preventing and treating by influenza-like illness the basis of other respiratory viruses, including the parainfluenza virus airways disease respiratory illness similar to influenza for is can create no licensed vaccine and therapy.