19 Nov 16

The decision of the European Commission in relation to avian influenza in wild birds in Scottish legislation by the Avian Influenza implemented up set up required by us protection and surveillance zones and apply biosecurity measures and movement controls in them.

SurveillanceWe carry a range of monitoring programs as part of the EU-wide early warning system.Contingency plansIn the case of bird flu occur in Scotland, we would activate Scotland Avian Influenza contingency plan. This coordinates with the well-established emergency plans of any local Animal Health Divisional Office and provide for the rapid control and eradication of avian influenza in Scotland.The virus has replicated to cancer cells for big quantities oncolytic virus up to to cancer cell can no longer included the virus is and bursts. Damaged destroyed and to newly created oncolytic virus spreads to adjacent tumor cells, long term outcomes viral replication and killing of tumor cells continue. – Stephen M. President & CEO of BioSante will, said: ‘It is an important step in the maximizing the value of technology acquired in late last year, Current transaction enables us transfer our oncolytic virus technology to a company which with the know.

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