25 Jun 16

Microtubules with the same polarity does not generate a second harmonic, but microtubules with mixed polarity. Instead we get destructive interference, so that axons light, and dendrites and everything else remain dark with irregular polarity in the microtubules. ‘.

Microtubules of tiny polymers are an essential component of the cellular cytoskeleton and are responsible for the mechanical support. The proposed method makes use of imaging on a structural polarity is present in the polymers, so that the characteristics of different at one end from the other.For study, researchers analyzed the findings of ten patients with cervical, was planning to radiation recorded both to a CT before animal PET and CT at the same PE sitting. The scientists found that the structure on the PET stock images unidentified better correlation of for anatomy of the patient demonstrated on CT the time of the PE patient’s anatomy patient’s anatomy on the traditional separately CT. Until recent involved PET / CT simulation of receiving a CT scan in a department and PE in other, frequently presented on different dates This process is challenge to work with patient with cervical cancer, because they uncertainties established carried varying the position of the patient caused the internal organ motion and organ distortion .

With simultaneous PET / CT improve accuracy of resonance imaging for which radiation therapy treatment planning, reduction in error reduction of the error carried organ motion, says new study conducted by researchers out of Washington University School of Medicine in St.