6 Feb 15

In practice, many MA – PD plans for a portion of their discounts from Parts A and B to reduce their Part D premiums, in many cases to zero. ‘The fact that premiums are nearly 40 % below the original forecasts show that we in fact always been a priority for this program,’added Kuhn. ‘And when combined with the many new preventive benefits and this year’s national education tour to let people know about the importance of prevention, coupled, people are living on Medicare to healthier and to this new this new prescription drug benefit. ‘added that added that ‘the the new bids for 2008 is likely to further reduce the projected cost of the Part D program beyond 2008.

Eye-tracking Technologies More Affordable for people with disabilitiesAn ambitious five-year project will try to eye-tracking technologies more affordable for people with disabilities and expand the capabilities of the device allow users to live independently.GlaxoSmithKline plc today announced the submission an New Drug Application to with the United States Food and Drug Administration authorizing onto the market including the Tykerb , in combination with Xeloda to treat advanced and metastatic HER2 positive breast cancer in women who have received Herceptin . The connection has been fast track status of the U.S. FDA this patient population. TYKERB is a small and molecule, two kinase inhibitor is develops by GSK oral therapy and is currently being evaluated in breast cancer and other solid tumors. TYKERB is a investigational compound and has not be authorized for marketing of each regulatory body. ‘This proposal is the result of many years huge of research and development labor by scientists GSK It is really a extraordinary milestone, especially for the many thousands of women, III facing the ravages with advanced breast cancer.

GSK planning that Marketing Authorization Application on TYKERB in Europe present in the fourth quarter that year.

Cautionary statement regarding forward-looking statementsUnder the safe harbor the provisions of the U.S. Factors that could affect the Group’s operations are be described in Risk Factors described in which operational and Financial Review one and Prospects in society Annual Report on Form 20-F for the year 2005.