17 Dec 16

– Dr Rigmor Jensen of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, that MOH has a major problem in Scandinavia over the past decade and is now the third most common type of headache after tension headaches and migraines themselves. A long tradition of restrictive use of painkillers is changing and in general of of simple analgesics and combination drugs constantly in Denmark, she says.

– ‘It is clear from the papers in this issue of Cephalalgia that MOH is a common worldwide problem, and that many countries face particular challenges because of the medications that are available, patient and physician attitudes and the different health delivery systems, ‘says Dr. Dodick, who will take Editor-in – Chief of Cephalalgia in January 2009. ‘If, however, the overwhelming consensus is that MOH is a growing problem that has a significant negative impact on health-related quality of life, it is important that patients so early with a high frequency of headaches that identify a high risk of MOH. As possible and take measures to reduce the consumption of acute pain reducing drugs. ‘This is an important series of papers, as they are the global public health burden MOH imposed illustrated and shows the unique factors that contribute to MoH different countries and country-specific barriers to treatment..Researchers by the University of Michigan Health System and the Inc. In Ann Arbor Healthcare System, looked at the effects to a number of illnesses of the participants did that ability to manage their diabetes, if physically linked physically linked Diabetes. Involved for one condition, heart failure, but and evaluate how which severity of disease others diabetic.