4 Feb 15

. Emotional, psychiatric and quality of life factors at baseline played a smaller role in determining need for symptomatic treatment and not in the final model when baseline impairment, disability and education were taken into account, they conclude. The effects of patient education on clinical management is an unexpected result , and should be further investigated. .

Given the potential for short-term and long-term drug complications, treatment of symptoms usually in the Parkinson’s disease until the severity of motor symptoms resulting functional impairment delayed. Therefore, the initiation of symptomatic treatment considered a early indicator of the disease progression of Parkinson’s disease and is used as a key measure in clinical trials. .. Higher Education Level, Greater Disability With Treatment Timing in Parkinson’s diseaseappear to higher higher education and who are more impaired by Parkinson’s disease, early treatment for their symptoms than other patients need, according to a report online posted today that will appear in the September print issue of Archives of Neurology, one of the JAMA / Archives journals.USA Today Tuesday released two articles about questions relating to elder care as part of a five-day line headlines and summaries will appear at. – Juggling Work, Care for Aging Parent: Some firms help their workers : Because the swollen Series workers Managers, is a small but growing number of employers start Need help programs to help and offering scheduling flexibility of to access access to elderly care referral services, an emergency nursing assistance and grants to the cost the elderly, USA Today reports .