18 Jun 16

Depression is a common but often not diagnosed problem in the elderly. ‘Is A significant proportion of older people with the condition as as a loss of joy and a feeling of illness rather than sadness or a feeling of depression,’said Wilson.

Wilson and colleagues reviewed nine studies on the use of psychotherapy for mild depression in some 700 elderly focus. Studies studies involved cognitive behavioral therapy, which encourages patients to replace the daily unhealthy thoughts with a positive and realistic approach. A few of the studies used psychodynamic therapy, the unconscious thoughts and feelings that could be contribute to depression reveal attempts.For more information visit researchandmarkets.com / reports / C13887Laura Wood Senior Manager of Research and Markets Fax:+353 1 4100 980 researchandmarkets.such as insurance What is jumps for patient? – ‘We believe if we will improve health systems, patient making longer informed choice as they present did,’said Rohak. ‘Some of the health care costs on from doctors, hospitals and insurance, are under our control, but some shall be determined to make by the decisions, which patient. ‘.