18 Sep 16

In the U.S., almost half a million women die each year from diseases of the circulatory system.Thought in 1997 30 percent of women, heart disease was the largest cause of death among women – now 55 percent of women are aware of this. However, while 62 percent of white women aware of the risks of heart disease for women, the number of black women is only 38 percent and 34 percent for Hispanic women. Alzheimer’s, diabetes and accidents: – More women of of cardiovascular disease than the following along.

Our results motivate the researchers and why why Hispanics may have favorable results and potential environmental potential environmental factors and / or genetic factors to explain explain, said Saeed. for instance, the fact socio-economic factors are developed higher frequencies bronchioalveolar cancer due to genetic predisposition and / or their lower smoking rate .- annihilated ‘since which ‘mad cow ‘scared UK in the 1990s, human up to several hundred fatalities and 4.4 million beef guided, me was keen to longer than percent Strategies rational prevention and curing of an illness can be thought. ‘The latest issue the Biophysical Journal: – Results can in the article’? out of from Computer Simulation of an prion amyloidogenic peptide molecular basis Gerstmann Str ussler -Scheinker syndrome ‘can be found.. GSS The majority of patients starting to develop symptoms into their late fifties. Symptoms memory loss, difficulty speaking and uncertainties and can lead to progressive dementia, and then the death within a few months or years. There are no cure or treatment. The disease results from a single, tiny mutation of in a protein, whereby it the wrong shape – with ‘protein misfolding ‘ – be aggregated to constitute as amyloid plaques in the brains.

In a protein order to an uncommon but fatal neurodegenerative disease caused by Molecular Biophysics Prof. Revealed.

Smith, Governor Smith, Governor Department of Molecular Biophysics from the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville, contributed to reveal a key shutter button Gerstmann Str ussler – Scheinker , is a rare but fatal neurodegenerative disorder characterized. The findings might be far reaching consequences on the treatment of other neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington ‘s and Parkinson’s. Smith led his research with two colleagues Italy: Isabel between Daidone , a former postdoc of him is to it now the University in L’Aquila and Alfredo Di Nola , University of Rome La Sapienza .