30 May 16

This press release and further information about Alexion Pharmaceuticals, please visit:.. Please see full prescribing information atAbout AlexionAlexion Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company additional clinical indications development and delivery of changed drug therapies for patients with serious and life-threatening medical conditions. Alexion is aimed at the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic products aimed at treating patients with a variety of serious diseases, including hematologic diseases, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Product label for Soliris also includes a warning: ‘Soliris increases the risk of meningococcal infections patients vaccinated with a meningococcal vaccine at least two weeks prior to receiving the first dose of Soliris; revaccination according to current medical guidelines for vaccine use. Monitor patients for early signs of meningococcal infections, evaluate immediately if infection is suspected, and treat with antibiotics if necessary. ‘during clinical studies, two out of 196 vaccinated PNH patients treated with Soliris is a serious meningococcal infection.. Important SafetySoliris is generally well tolerated. The most common adverse events studies studies were headache, nasopharyngitis , back pain and nausea. Treatment with Soliris should not be changed anticoagulants, because the effect of withdrawal of anticoagulant therapy during Soliris treatment has not been established.The full report can be downloaded to English, French and English. In April.

– The overwhelming display of support around the globe on World Diabetes Day , especially a rally in the Great Wall of China. Over 900 sites in 84 countries of glowed blue on a the 14th November 2010.

– The expansion of the IDF Life for a Child Programme in eight new countries. Total of 8,000 children with diabetes is have in 29 countries worldwide in 29 countries across the world.