13 Jul 15

The study was supported by the Minority Medical Faculty Development Program and Generalist Physician Faculty Scholars Program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and an Independent Scientist Award from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality mer .

The study showed that 83 % of family physicians, 67 % of doctors and 44 % of parents, parent / patient issues cited as the reasons why the hospitalizations could have been prevented. It found that an estimated 15 to 54 % of asthma – related hospitalizations avoidable, especially those young people and families not not be integrated doctors had contacted prior to hospitalization. – ‘We found that many pediatric asthma hospitalizations could be prevented if parents better about the state of the child, taking what medications they should be brought up the need for follow-up care, and raises the importance of avoiding known disease,’Flores says. Also have the potential to half were preventable asthma hospitalizations related medications, including compliance problems, runs the drugs, and not filled called, he says. – underline ‘These impressive results suggest that education can families about sticking to their medication schedule and that they do not run out of their supplies to prevent a significant effect on been hospitalized been hospitalized, Flores says.


The most recent eruption a fatal combinations of HIV and TB of Southern Africa has led to Kingdom England additional U.S. $ 3,000 the World Health Organization the Stop TB partnership. All the all G8 countries presence of presence of TB strains have which are extremely resistant to drugs bring home some to WHO alarming send to global Tuberculosis Day – TB of being widely TB throughout .

The Medicines Company as also announced the availability of its mission Control BP STAT educational website, for the medical community the website will be a portal for with the latest information on the acute severe hypertension and the joint diseases in which hypertonia acute severe. Are manifested.