29 Jun 15

VGXP recently a $ forgive 23,000 contract, the and of the National Institute of Allergy Infectious Diseases , a component of the National Institutes of Health, a preventive HIV DNA vaccine candidate in conjunction with its constant current electroporation to develop technology for ID delivery of DNA vaccines.

Non-humanmaceuticals presented non-human primate study data at AIDS Vaccine 2008 ConferenceVGX Pharmaceuticals , a developer of DNA vaccines against cancer and infectious diseases, today non-human ‘s primate study data from both its PENNVAX HIV Vaccine Program and CELLECTR patented DNA delivery technology in two presentations at the AIDS Vaccine 2008 Conference, the. Currently in Cape Town, South Africa.Order test the importance of the Rac1 of downstream regulatory route to the human AML MLL – AF9 expression of, which using a small with a small molecule that blocks the activity Rac1. They also tested genetic manipulation of of Rac. Both interventions prevented MLL – AF9 cell growth and induced programmed cell death , which indicates Rac. As potential therapeutic targets for AML with a the MLL gene rearrangement of according Dr. Mulloy and their research colleagues – Shows This luxurious hypersensitivity the leukemia cells at Rac locking the MLL – AF9 -expressing cells become addicted to this signal, and this way makes it a very good destination to the future drug development, said Wei Junping, Miller, the Cincinnati Children’s and lead author studies..