31 Mar 16

Having an output of over 90 % Treatment of participants was in accordance with the approved product labeling, and limited to the smile lines, which is the only indication approved by the FDA. – We are pleased to announce the completion of patient enrollment in this important post-marketing study with our final ArteFill commercialized formulation, said Christopher J. Reinhard, Executive Chairman, Artes Medical. In addition to evaluating the safety and efficacy of ArteFill over a period of five years, provides us with this study an important recruit recruit key Filler opinion leaders from around the nation, so their familiarity with ArteFill and providing another way, by the use ArteFill deepening in clinical practice.

All participants were officially enrolled and skin tested planned with a few remaining participants receive their Artefill injections in the coming weeks. Participants were from 23 leading dermatology and plastic surgery centers in the United States in part. The co-lead investigator Steven R. Clinical Professor, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and a specialist in plastic surgery and Rhoda S. Past President of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery and Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the New York University Medical School and a Board Certified dermatologist, both leading filler experts and members of Artes Medical Advisory Board..As MSM an HIV infection HIV infection than straight men, such information did potential clinical significance for the HIV epidemic in MSM. sex with other men sex with men which is with a risk of transmission of HIV think that is based only a small risk on false assumptions that HAART HIV removed on Cum. Supplied bis further information about the risk of transmitting at MSM is, it would be wise for sexually active HIV – infected MSM to be used condoms and other reduce risk strategy in all stages of HIV disease, regardless of the the treatment of HIV state, promote and corrosive diagnose and treat sexually transmitted disease ., Politch said Kenneth Mayer, director of research at Fenway healthcare , and a co-investigator the study: We want to enlarge in of this research to the effects of the newer HAART treatments study since newer agents may different effects on HIV repression different pockets have in your body, the affect HIV prevention..

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