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Regardless of group, the survival rate in the DART study is reported to the best of any attempt ART program or study in Africa. Historical comparisons are based on data from follow-up of similar patients in Uganda who do not have access to ART clear that some of the DART study participants would be after five years without ART of life avodart grows hair .

The results of the DART study at the International AIDS Society Conference Cape Town Cape Town on 21 JulyNotesSummary Title:. Impact of routine laboratory monitoring over 5 years after antiretroviral therapy initiation of the clinical progression of HIV – infected African adults: the Dart trial final results and analysis of cost effectiveness of routine laboratory or clinically driven Strategy monitoring anti – retroviral therapy in Uganda and Zimbabwe. DART study centers are important centers for ART treatment, most patients will clinical clinical center for their ongoing clinical care, unless, for practical reasons, they want to transfer ).

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