7 Nov 16

The report – which shows that nearly five million people over the age of 65 in a degree of pain and discomfort in the UK – already led to questions. Asked the Government in the House of Lords.

It is imperative to understand that no one, regardless of age, should pains. Bear I appreciate that awareness in this area is very important because we live in a century when all of us are getting older and at the same time, there is a suggestion that the pain. Be a symptom of aging, which is not there As far as concerns age discrimination earn , the elderly are treated with dignity and respect in all nursing facilities. This important document is the awareness of the public and patients. I supposetime it will remind clinicians that they give higher regard to chronic pain. I take most of the recommendations and could not agree more with some of the other work that has been done in this area.###Co-authors Judy Yee, Alexanderplatz Keedy, Timothy Joseph, and Alex Chau, BSat RSNA is an amalgamation of more than 42,000 radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical physicist and neighboring academics committed to excellence at patient care through education and research.