27 Aug 17

Although these ants have already been studied for more than 100 years this is actually the first demonstration that a solitary ant colony uses multiple antibiotics and is definitely reminiscent of the usage of multidrug therapy to take care of infections in human beings. Related StoriesUnlocking the genes behind antibiotic level of resistance: an interview with Professor RomesbergNew broad-spectrum antibiotic can destroy bacterias by punching holes in their membranesVirginia Tech scientists discover new remedies to target antibiotic-resistant bacteriaThe work, that was funded by the united kingdom Medical Research Council, in addition has identified a new antibiotic that could be used to treat fungal attacks.In a blog entry written by Marc Tucker for EducationWeek.org, the author explores the problem and speculates on the possible causes leading to what he calls the collapse of American educational criteria. Tucker says that high school textbooks that used to be created at the 12th-grade level for 12th graders are actually written at the 7th – or 8th-grade level and colleges are usually teaching most learners what we used to teach in the senior high school college-bound monitor and are not doing it perfectly. What occurred in a nation that once prided itself on being truly a world leader in education? According to Tucker, portion of the problem is grade inflation , which has been instituted in order that children will be able to make it into college whether they actually learned anything in high school.