10 Jul 15

Today more than link between vision and neck painCan cause blurred vision musculoskeletal complaints and vice versa? This is a central question for everyone who works in front of a computer screen every day how fast does malegra work . Along with fellow researchers at the Karolinska Institute, Uppsala University, and in the U.S., has an Associate Professor Hans O. Judge at G? Vle University College recently demonstrated when the sound of the focusing muscles of the eye reduces nerve impulses to the neck and shoulders are also affected. Now the team wants to to go to the link between eye problems and neck and back problems in an interdisciplinary study to investigate.

Focusing of the lens of the eye requires coordination between different nerves and muscles in the eye, neck and shoulder area. The connection between these causal factors has now been studied by a research team from G? Vle University College, Uppsala University, the Karolinska Institute and the University of Minnesota. The results of the most recent part of the study, the show now in an international journal, that the reduction the published sound of the focusing muscle affects () the portion of the cerebral cortex that controls muscle movement balanced in the head, neck and shoulder area. The experiments were performed with a PET camera , which uses radioactive marker substances to the brain activity of volunteers who asked to the lens focus their eyes to different stimuli under varying optical conditions were carried out monitors.

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